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Day 2 :

Keynote Forum

Prof shehabeldin Ismael

Professor of Endodontic Department Director of the Center of Innovative Dental Sciences (CIDS), British University in Egypt

Keynote: Cytocompatibility of root canal sealers with different compositions and setting mechanisms on human periodontal ligament stem cells.

Time : 9:00 AM

Euro Dentistry 2022 International Conference Keynote Speaker Prof	shehabeldin Ismael photo

Graduated from the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University in 1994. Then obtained the Master degree and Ph.D. Degree in Conservative Dentistry (Endodontics) from the Faculty of Dentistry, Ain Shams University, Cairo in 2000 and 2006. Working currently as a professor at the Faculty of Dentistry. The British University in Egypt. Director of the Post-graduate Master program in Endodontics at the British University in Egypt. Director of the Center of Innovative Dental Sciences (CIDS) at the British University in Egypt. A Key opinion leader for VDW and Woodpecker, an active Board member of the Egyptian Association of Endodontists. An Editorial board member for the Australian Endodontic Journal and Endodontic Practice Today. Reviewed for Australian Endodontic Journal, Archives of Oral Biology, Odontology, Endodontic Practice Today, Journal of applied oral science, Indian journal of dental research, ACTA Odontologica Scandinavica, BMJ open, Clinical Oral Investigation, Iranian Endodontic journal, European Endodontic journal, Egyptian Dental Journal and Alexandria Dental journal. Research interests include tooth morphology and CBCT, tissue engineering and regenerative endodontics, endodontic biofilms, pain control, Bioceramics, instruments and instrumentation, and cell culture. Published more than 30 international publications since 2009 in the Journal of Endodontics, International Endodontic journal, Endodontic practice Today, European Journal of Dentistry, and Journal of Oral Science, Italian Endodontic journal, Clinical oral investigations, Infection and immunity, Nigerian Journal of clinical practice, Saudi dental journal and Saudi Endodontic journal. Lectured internationally at conferences organized by the European society of Endodontology the Arab society of Endodontology, and the Egyptian Association of Endodontists.



Statement of the problem: Root canal sealers are responsible for the principal functions of the final root filling; which are sealing-off of the root canal system, entombment of the remaining bacteria and filling of irregularities in the prepared root canal system. An ideal sealer should be biocompatible, bacteriostatic, does not shrink on setting, insoluble in oral fluids and in case of extrusion from canal, it should be biocompatible. However, all root canal sealers exhibit some form of toxicity irrespective of their type. Therefore, cytotoxicity of sealers remains an issue even though newer sealers have been introduced due to their high biocompatibility. The purpose of this study was to assess the cytocompatibility of two root canal sealers; GuttaFlow 2 based on polydimethylsiloxane and incorporating gutta percha powder, and EndoSequence which is a pre-mixed paste based on calcium-phosphate-silicate.

Methodology: Human periodontal ligament stem cells (hPDLSCs) were isolated, cultured and their mesenchymal phenotype characterized by flow cytometry. The invitro potential for multilineage differentiation of the hPDLSCs was analyzed in osteogenic, adipogenic and chondrogenic media. The proliferation rate of the hPDLSCs growing in the presence of the endodontic sealer eluates was evaluated using the MTT assay, in which 3 dilutions were prepared and cell viability was analyzed after 1, 3 and 7 days of culture growth.

Results: Both GuttaFlow 2 and EndoSequence BC supported stem cells survival and showed comparable non-significant excellent proliferation rates (p>0.05).

Conclusion and significance: GuttaFlow 2 root canal sealer and EndoSequence BC Sealer were biocompatible with hPDLSCs and can be used during root canal obturation.


  • Pediatric Dentistry and Gerodontology

Dr Mandana Batebi , dentist , General practitioner. She Graduated in Tehran university of medical sciences ,TUMS, in 2000. She Published  article in journal of dentistry, Tehran University of Medical sciences in 2001 and had oral presentation in annual Iranian  dentistry Congeres in 2002, Tehran , Iran .
Graduated in Implantology course in Tehran university of medical sciences, TUMS , in 2011.


Odontomas  are henign  tumors of odontogenic origin characterized by their  slow  growth that rarely occur in the primary dentition, the Compound odontoma is a lesion that is anatomically similar to a real tooth  completely.

In this paper , a case  of unerupted left mandibular primary lateral in a 12 years old girl due to the presence of a compound  odontoma is presented  and in a 2 years treatment  with force eruption presented is located  the lateral tooth in right position in the mouth.